Veggie treaaaats

(phone call)

_____: Heeeyyyy girl whatcha doing?

Singleroom@western: ohh you know just got home from schoolsies and workin on my fitness. Makin some tasty treats

_____: As in dinner?

Singleroom@western: Fuckin yaahhhh girl you know ittt

_____: What are you making?

Singleroom@western: like a sups veggie meal. Makin am omelette with some veggies. May get all up in the hummus to ya know?

_____: Nice girl. Nice choices you're making.

Singleroom@western: yah like I got home and was like fuucckkk meat tonight. Right? Like, I just wanna stand by the stove, and like stir fry veggies. Fuck meant tonight. Like, not tonight okay? Not. To. Night.

_____: Preach girl

Singleroom@western: like who says you HAVE to have meat anyways? like what if i dont want it is that like, sooo bad? Fuck like i just want veggies fuck meat.

_____: Ya.

Singleroom@western: ( stir frying )

_____: K well....I guess I'm gonna go. You're pretty busy right now so...

Singleroom@western: Yah betch tots. these are like almost done and when theyre done im gonna eat them.

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