Down the Rabbit Hole

(Late night text message exchanges.)

Singleroom@western: k so i'm reading alice in wonderland right now and like, its about drugs...right?

_____: are you high?

Singleroom@western: well like fucking YAH but i just wanted to check

_____: goodnight

Singleroom@western: no but like wait. I like couldnt go on reading the book without being high. The book made me do it.

_____: Well at least you're reading

Singleroom@western: Fucking Yah. Education first betch.

Strategic Thinking

(singleroom@western and _____ are chatting and catching up. Singleroom@western is trying to convince _____ that she CAN in fact take care of herself when inebriated.)

_____: I just don't understand how you can get SO wasted night after night. I mean its a pretty amazing ability to have I guess but....

Singleroom@western: ya I know right? I'm like, pretty unreal. OK so like for instance, one of the last nights at western I got like suuuppppss drunk and like even though I have no idea of what happened that night or like who I was with or like where I was, I was still like, Ok, you know?

_____:.....Right. So basically what you mean is you managed to make it home? At least?

Singleroom@western: Fuckin YA girl. Like I made it home, and when I woke up in the morning I was like feeling pretty shitty but I had lined up THREE garbage pails beside my bed AND I had gatorade.

_____: So skillful.

Singleroom@western: Ya. But like, I also left the door open so that I could make a mad dash to the bathroom if like, it was really bad, but whenever Im drunk I sleep naked.

_____: woke up naked in your room, kinda still drunk, with your door open?

Singleroom@western: Fuckin Ya girl. Sooo messy. But like whatevs right? Like, I'm proud of me.