X-mas list

( 11:48 pm. _____ is in bed, reading or doing something equally low-key/boring. )

Text message exchange

Singleroom@western: I really want like leather, kinda high waisted short shorts for xmas. that would be like tots cute right?

_____: Did you seriously just text me that?

Singleroom@western: ummm obvs yah I did. K so like what do you want for christmas girl? Tell me like, everything fun that you want

_____: I haven't really thought about it actually. I'm just going to sleep too..so maybe ill think about it and let you know in the morning?

Singleroom@westernL Oohhhmygod im on the victorias secret website right now and they have like the hottest stuff eevvvaaa. do you think mom and dad would buy me bathing suits for xmas?

_____: no.

Singleroom@western: K whatevs it think they would. Im going to choose like....3.

_____: Its december. Why on earth do you need bikinis right now?

Singleroom@western: well like I sorrrttaa want to go away for reading week and i was kinda thinking like cancun would be sups legit. right?!

_____: K I can't do this right now. Goodnight.

Singleroom@western: k whatevs betch. Like im like mad at you right now.