All black Errryyyythaannng

(Friday Night texting time.)

_____: Hey sis. Whats up? Are you doing anything fun tonight?

Singleroom@western: you fucking bet I am sister. Whats good in the hood with you biznatch?

_____: Uummm, probably getting up to something adventurous with *h and the girls. You?

Singleroom@western: LOooovves it. Say hey to that slut for me. And I dunno yet, like prroobbbs getting rowdy with my crew. also I had a drunken extravaganza last night...

(20 minutes later)

Singleroom@western: Beer number one: shot gunned. Haaayyyyy its gonna be a good night.

_____: Oh look who decided to respond. You never disappoint. So liiikkee, whatcha wearing?

Singleroom@western: uumm a black skirt with a black shirt thats like, flowy and shit. you?

_____: Black jeans and a black shirt thats like, see-thru....and shit. I guess.

Singleroom@western: llooovveesss it betch! Fuck yaaa all black Eeerrryytthhaanngg! So sassy like can't even handle it

_____: K whoa girl.

(an hour later)

Singleroom@western: I look haawwwwtt.

_____: Try to keep it all on tonight girl. You know?

Singleroom@western: fucking ya girl like you know I will..this guy i'm trying to wheel sucks soo much

_____: Why?

Singleroom@western: cuz hes like so unresponsive

_____: Thats unusual for you, no?

Singleroom@western: Oh my god like it is the most unusal.

_____: just misspelt "unusual."

Singleroom@western: Ugh like RELAX. K whatevs im done.

hey betch, its yaahh biirrrrthhhddaayyy

(from the source)

Singleroom@western: GIIIIIRRRLLL! its yaaaaah birrtthddddaaaayyy! loves it! You best be getting buck wild from now till this time next week sister, milk that shit - its your birthday WEEK!
wish i was there to celebrate with you but we can have a belated celo (celebration) when we are both home for the wonderous christmas holidays.
love you so much
do some shots
make some bad decisions
fuckn YAH girl