Buck, in like every way poss.

(Text exchange. Obvi.)

Singleroom@western: Hey girl, hows yyoouuu?

_____: gooooood. you?

Singleroom@western: oh like i'm good. whatcha doing tonigghhttt?

_____: not sure yet actually. you?

Singleroom@western: Um like probs going to a bar or something but like nothing sups spesh. ya know?

_____: Ya. So, you're not going to get "buck" tonight? Or maybe just medium buck...?

Singleroom@western: ya. like, buck. but like, not buck wiillllddd.

_____: Kinda like you have a picture of Buck town, but, you're not actually going there...

Singleroom@western: yah its like driving to bucktown but forgetting something and having to go back to get it. but like regardless...you're going for a ride.

_____: Yah for sure. Like, you know where Bucktown is, and you always will.

Singleroom@western: Exactly girl. And like I just dont want to wear out my welcome there and like my thighs still hurt from climbing a pole when i was there last weekend so like its prroollyyyy too soon to return.

_____: Yah I completely understand. And you know, a little distance never hurt anyone.

Singleroom@western: Ya and it makes the heart like, grow fonder.

_____: good chat girl.

Singleroom@western: fuckin yah girl. Suuppps good chat.