thank god for my black bikeens.

(Singleroom@western has just returned from a 3 month romp in Central America. She is tanned, toned, and standing beside the sink peeling a mango. She has about 107463957 bracelets on one arm and does not appear to be wearing pants.)

Singleroom@western: "...yeah so basically I surfed like three times a day and was living like RIGHT on the beach with this amaze girl who was like also traveling, and we went surfing like three times a day."

_____: "yeah wow that's pretty awesome. Must have been so fun. I'm jealous!"
Singleroom@western: " yeah tots. but I also had this like sups cray fall off my surfboard one day and think I busted a rib."

_____: "Wait what? Didn't you break a rib the LAST time you went to central america?"

Singleroom@western: "well yeah but this time it happened in like such a cooler way."

(still eating mango.)

Singleroom@western: " I was surfing this one day and like totally hit a really sweet wave and was like carving so hard and it felt AMAZING and then like all of a sudden like I don't really know what happened but my board somehow got pulled out from under me and then like jerked back towards me by my ankle strap, and then I fell, like obvs, but while I was like underwater--which felt like fucking forever b-t-dubs, (** by the way) my board like came back towards me and like jabbed me i the ribs--"

_____: "Oh my god, that sounds terrible--"

Singleroom@western: "Yah betch it sucked BUT ALSO while I was underwater this jellyfish came outta NOWHERE and stung me in the face."

_____: "Uhh..."

Singleroom@western: "I KNOW. but then like I came back up from underwater--"

_____: "--yeah that was a long time underwater--"

Singleroom@western: "--and these like 4 like sups hot surfer guys were like paddling out to me and then like one of them grabbed me and they pulled me onto one of their surfboards and like floated me into the beach, and then when they got there they like 4-man carried me to the shade of a palm tree--"

_____: "Stop it--"

Singleroom@western: "--and i was wearing like my black bikeens-like its soooo cute I think I got it at forever 21 or some shit but basically like even though I was hurt i looked amazing and was basically like a beach queen being carried on a surfboard."

_____:"Yeah. Thank god for surfers right?"

Singleroom@western: "yeah like no doubt but like also....thank god my black bikeens. AmIright?"