"Betch: A Modern Definition."

(Breakfast. Singleroom@western and _____ are drinking coffee with mom (betch) who has just discovered the blog.)

Betch: So _____ your Aunt has filled me all in on that little blog of yours. Hilarious, I may add. She read it out loud to me over margaritas last weekend...oh it was so cute: she even had little voices for the two of you.

_____: Yeah its pretty funny. I'm awesome, you know?

Singleroom@western: Uhhmmm like OKAY. First of all, its like, me who says like all the funny shit. BT-dubs.

Betch: Language! Please.

Singleroom@western: **mammoth eye-roll**

Betch: Anyways, I have a question: What do you call me again?


Singleroom@western: HA! Betch! Fuckin YA girl.

Betch: LANGUAGE. PLEASE.........But yes, that is what I am referring to. Do I even want to know what it means?

Singleroom@western: Ummm its like basically just short for like--

_____:--its a good thing. Don't worry.

Betch: Fine. Just checking. You just keep all that up then alright? Its Verrrry amusing. And you--(singleroom@western) watch your mouth.

Singleroom@western: Uggh....k like whatevs. Betch.

Betch is makin' brekky.

(phone convo. early afternoon.)

singleroom@western: (groggily) sup girl. mooorrrrrning

_____: its 2. But ya, hey girl. Whats up?

singleroom@western: oohhhmygoddd so hungover like I got sups buck last night and like I DON"T even know what happened.

_____: you remember nothing?

singleroom@western: well no like of course I remember like, some shit and whatevs. Like I tots hooked up with that guy and like probs did a few rounds of flip cup and stuff-oh wait hold on mom's calling me

**ya?....um like scrambled?.....no, peameal! K thannnkkkss betch**

singleroom@western: hey girl

_____: does mom know how hungover you are?

singleroom@western: hah ya

_____:....and she's making you breakfast?

singleroom@western: fucking YAH girl

____:.....AND you just called her 'betch'?

singleroom@western: ha ya...its like she doesn't even hear it anymore.

_____: you're unbelievable. I have to go back to work now. Have a good day

singleroom@western: K love you giiirrrrl kisssseeesssssss i'm gonna call you later and tell you EVERYTHING

_____: can't wait.