Ambitions, obvi.

(Chat in the car coming back from another city)

Singleroom@western: ugh like maybs I should go into fashion or something

_____: Yeah that could definitely work for you. Do you want to?

Singleroom@western:, I guess that would prets effin sweet. Like, I'm realllyyyy good at it so...

_____: Yeah. Well, yeah..... Yeah.

Singleroom@western: Its just that like.....ugh...I dont know

_____: ?? there something else you'd rather do?

Singleroom@western: No its just that....omg this so fuckin stupid but like, I still like really, reallllyyyy want to be famous.

_____: ......................oh yeah?

Singleroom@western: Ya. Like what do you think?

_____: About what? You being famous?

Singleroom@western: Yah like do you think I should just like make a sex tape or something?