Omg like Thank you I guess.

(Singleroom@western, _____, and dNO (brother) have just finished unwrapping all their presents. With Dad and Betch present, Singleroom@western laments how she "almost" got everything she wanted...)

Betch: ok, well that's it kids! Merry Christmas!

_____: Thanks Mom. It was really Great. Honestly, thank you so much.

Betch: Your welcome.

Singleroom@western: Ya. Thanks. It was like, a riiiilllllyyyy good Christmas. And I like pretty much got almost everything that I wanted.

_____: Omg stop it. Just say thank you and leave it at that.

Betch: I'm sorry we didn't get you any bathing suits. But I didn't think it was appropriate and those are things you can spend your own money on.

Singleroom@western: Ya, like I KNOW that, k? Like its tots not a big deal or anything but, like I just thought that maybe I'd get like that ONE in particular you know? Like I don't want to make a big deal of it-

_____:--but you ARE making a big dea-

Singleroom@western: --Like did I ask for your opinion? No. Prets sure I didn't. K? But anyways, ya like its fine I'll just like, go on Victoria's Secret today and see if they're having any like, Boxing day sales or something.

dNo: asked for bathing suits for Christmas? Seriously?

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