(morning after. Singleroom@western is on a bus ride/death trip back to Western, texting updates to _____)

Singleroom@western: girl. I am the most extreme amounts of hungover you could poss imag. London seems sups far...fml what up witchuuu?

_____: Just running around, doing errands and stuff. Did guelph satisfy your itch to get 'buck'?

Singleroom@western: umm fuckin i guess so girl. we like went downtown and stuff and like, I remember...not a lot but i'm assuming i had fun.

_____: That's my girl. I had a weird night-went to some bar where you could smoke inside...H wiped out and fell down some stairs...that was pretty funny.

Singleroom@western: ahahaha amaze. Any scandals?

_____: Uumm other than that not really-although I did get drunk enough that I was sending sexy text messages to people. And thats never a good sign.

Singleroom@wester: omg im looovvvinng the sextie-texties. I think its like, tots legit. I was just way to effing belig (read: belligerent) to be scandalous.

_____: I'm just glad that once you get drunk enough, you do seem possible of making semi-good decisions. Or at least remove yourself from any situation where you may need to make a decision.

Singleroom@western: shush.

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