school is hilaaarrrr right?!

(text message exchange between Singleroom@western and _____ )

Singleroom@western: hay gurlfraaaand

_____: Hey whats up?

Singleroom@western: I'm in guelph sooo effing high sitting in K's business class. Wtf riight? Whats up witchu gurrrlll?

_____: Nothing I'm just at work. Super quiet...wait, why are you in guelph? Do you EVER go to school?

Singleroom@western: umm cuz like i wanted to come for the weekend and get crazy. k so like whats new and exciting?

_____: Not much-I have a pretty packed weekend. Are you gonna get "buck" this weekend?

Singleroom@western: fuckin yah gurl like BUCK willlddddd girl.

_____: k good

Singleroom@western: Oohh and I have like soo many sups crazy stories to tell you. One is like, rriillllllyyyy awkward.

_____: I'm thrilled. Talk later?

Singleroom@western: fucking yah kk love you beettcchh!

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