Talkin 'bout ma tatty

Singleroom@western: K so I really wanna get a tattoo

_____: Well what do you want to get?

Singleroom@western: Like something like super cute and stuff...maybs a bob marley lyric or something.

_____: ....yeah? Really?

Singleroom@western: OOH! Ohmygod yah ok so theres this one lyric that says like "I'm a rainbow too" and I would totally get it like...right here.

_____: Hmm..that kinda reminds me of that quote from that movie...ugh whats it called? The guy in it says something just like that--

Singleroom@western: OH yah I know what you're talking about. Its like "I'm a nympho too" or something...

_____: Actually, no. I was thinking more along the lines of "if I'm a bird, you're a bird." From the notebook. I think. BUt, I can't believe you went there.

Singleroom@western: hahahaha I know RIGHT?!

_____: ....... .

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