names for parents

singleroom@western: ok so i have to be quiet cuz mom and dad think im sleeping, k?

_______: k whatever. anyways, whats up?

singleroom@western: not much i just wanted to chat..fuck hold on i think dad's at the door.

**dad...relax! ohmygod its like not even 11 yet. its _____ she realllly needs to talk to me. ya she did call me. dad like she needs me right now ok? ........ok goodnight...kyahwhateverloveyoutoo.**

singleroom@western: k i'm back

_______: awesome. everything ok?

singleroom@western: ya dad's just being all like pms-y and shit. so gay.

______: did you just refer to our father as being pre-menstrual?

singleroom@western: ya so

______: k nothing. what do you call mom?

singleroom@western: umm like betch and stuff. and a babe.

______: well yeah obviously. wait, you call mom a "betch" to her face?

singleroom@western: fuckin yah girl! she loves it.

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